We are located at:

Anacoco Street between Caracas & Capanaparo. Fundalara

Phone/ Cell Phone: (+58251) 7189312/(+58) 424-5820250

Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela


cptaichi@gmail.com / walthercarbajal@yangfamilytaichi.com

Welcome to the Tai Chi Chuan Pedagogic Center

“We transmit life through knowledge” …

This is the motto of the Tai Chi Chuan Pedagogic Center, acquiring knowledge, reading, researching, having contact with Traditional Masters, and then practice constantly to bring that theory “alive”.

Dear readers, usual or casuals, this blog is an invitation to practice constantly the art of Tai Chi Chuan, which must be “enriched” with good information, and this information, must be experienced through constant practice. It is a dynamic TAO: Knowledge enriches practice and practice gives life to knowledge.

To everyone, good practice and thanks for visiting.

David Walther Carbajal

Center Director

Push Hands talk and demonstration Featuring Master Yang Jun and Lance Lu. 10/13/2007