Yang Family Tai Chi high pat on horse, separation kicks


Master Yang Zhenduo Calling Out the moves


This time we have two recordings of Master Yang Zhenduo calling out the moves of: Traditional 103 movement hand form and Saber Form 13 Posture Poem, by Master Yang Zhenduo.

They are in MP3 format and you can play it while performing the form so you can measure your own time. It is also useful to keep a high spirit of vitality (Jingshen) during the performance!

Thanks to Jerry Karin for the links (http://gkarin.com)

Traditional 103 Movement Hand Form

Saber Form 13 Posture Poem

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 103 Movement Hand Form. Section I

Performed by Master Yang Jun, 6th Generation descendant of the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

1. Preparation Form
2. Beginning
3. Grasp the Bird’s tail
4. Single whip
5. Raise Hands and Step Forward
6. White Crane Spreads its Wings
7. Left Brush Knee and Push
8. Hand Strums the Lute
9. Left Brush Knee and Push
10. Right Brush Knee and Push
11. Left Brush Knee and Push
12. Hand Strums the Lute
13. Left Brush Knee and Push
14. Step forward, Parry Block and Punch
15. Apparent Close Up
16. Cross Hands