Martial Morality (WuDe): Humility

Humility (Qian Xu)

By Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Shou-Yu Liang, and Wen-Ching Wu.
Humility comes from controlling your feelings of pride. In China it is said: “Satisfaction (i.e.pride) loses, humility earns benefits.” When you are satisfied with yourself, you will not think deeply, and you will not be willing to learn. However, if you remain humble, you will always be looking for ways to better yourself, and you will keep on learning. Remember, there is no limit to knowledge. It does not matter how deep you have reached, there is always a deeper level. Confucius said, “If three people walk by, there must be one of them who can be my teacher.” There is always someone who is more talented or more knowledgeable than you in some field. The Chinese say: “There is always a man beyond the man, there is sky above the sky.” Since this is so, how can you be proud of yourself? Continue reading

Useful Chinese Phrases

同学们好    Tong Xue Men Hao – Hello Students

老师好         Lao Shi Hao – Hello Teacher

早                  Zao – Good Morning

你好             Ni Hao – Hello

再见             Zai Jian – Goodbye

杨式太极拳   Yang Shi Tai Chi Chuan -Yang Style  Tai Chi Chuan

沉肩              Chen Jian- Sink the shoulders

坠肘              Zhui Zhou – Pull the elbows down

坐腕              Zuo Wan – Sit the wrists

松腰             Song Yao – Loosen the waist

松胯             Song Kua – Loosen the hips

弓步            Gong Bu – Bow step

虚步             Xu Bu – Empty step

马步             Ma Bu –  Horse step

精神             Jingshen – Spirit (vitality)

与肩同宽     Yu Jian Tong Kuan – Shoulder width apart

Action star Jet Li pays tribute to Yang Lu Chan

Jet Li, an action movies star, takes part in the memorial ceremony for Yang Luchan, the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, in Yongnian County, north China’s Hebei Province, April 10, 2011. Jet Li appeared in the new site of Yang Luchan’s cemetery in Guangfu ancient City of Yongnian County, to attend the “The Memorial Ceremony for the Founder of Yang Style Tai Chi – Yang Luchan”, on Sunday.

In the picture we see Jet Li to the right of Master Yang Zhenduo, 4th generation of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, great grandson of Yang Luchan.

It is said that Jet Li, who has once studied the Yang style Tai Chi, will play the role of Yang Luchan in the movie of “Tai Chi” produced by Huayi Bros. Media Group, 2011. (Xinhua/Wang Jiuzhong)


Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 103 Movement Hand Form. Section I

Performed by Master Yang Jun, 6th Generation descendant of the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

1. Preparation Form
2. Beginning
3. Grasp the Bird’s tail
4. Single whip
5. Raise Hands and Step Forward
6. White Crane Spreads its Wings
7. Left Brush Knee and Push
8. Hand Strums the Lute
9. Left Brush Knee and Push
10. Right Brush Knee and Push
11. Left Brush Knee and Push
12. Hand Strums the Lute
13. Left Brush Knee and Push
14. Step forward, Parry Block and Punch
15. Apparent Close Up
16. Cross Hands