Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Twenty-Character Motto

yang taichi 20 character motto

“Extend the elbows outward; leave a hollow in the armpits. The elbows pull down the tops of the shoulders, connect the wrists and carry along the fingers” Continue reading


Looking Ahead: Tai Chi Chuan In 2002 And Beyond

An Interview with Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun
Conducted, and translated, by Jeremy Blodgett


Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun dalu

JB: At the Taiyuan competition this summer we got to see many Yang style practitioners, but some practiced quite differently than we do. Why are there so many different types of Yang style Taijiquan now? Continue reading

Yang Style Tai Chi Saber (太极刀)

Yang Zhenduo saberTraditional Yang Style Tai Chi saber belongs to the short weapon in the Yang Style Tradition. It came from Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan empty hand form. The requirements, the method, the style and the characteristics of Yang Style Tai Chi Saber are basically the same as the empty form. Even some of the postures are like the empty hand form. Plus, being equipped with the steel saber, the form is more powerful and with a higher spirit. It has a unique style of its own. Continue reading

Palm Methods

Palm Methods (zhang fa)

zhang - palm

fa - technique

The palm methods are a sub-category of the hand methods. The palm methods can be broadly divided into two classes, comprising approximately nine types.

The first class, “seated wrist upright palm” (zuo wan li zhang xing) contains five types of palm methods:

  1. Standing palm (li zhang)
  2. Square palm (zheng zhang)
  3. Downward palm (fu zhang)
  4. Outward turned palm (fan zhang)
  5. Level palm (ping zhang)

The second class, “straight extended” (zhi shen xing), contains four types of palm methods:

  1. Upward palm (yang zhang)
  2. Inclined palm (ce zhang)
  3. Downward hanging palm (chui zhang)
  4. Straight palm (zhi zhang) Continue reading