Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Traditional Chinese Martial Art. It is an exercise for the whole body, and it trains both the mind and the body.

Being an exercise for the whole body, it is different from activities which involve moving sections or parts of the body only.

Tai Chi increases the chi (energy) and blood circulation, and it requires a calmed and alert mind to perform it, contributing this way to health, mental agility and self-defense. It is based on the Yin-Yang philosophy and it consists of relaxed (loose and extended, not soft), slow and extended movements, avoiding the emission of unnecessary force.

There are 5 main Tai Chi Chuan styles: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wû/Hao and Sun

Characteristics of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

  • Extended and natural movements.
  • Distinct transformation between and combination of hardness and softness.
  • Beautiful postures, and bold grace.

Learning Sequence

The 10 essentials of Tai Chi Chuan. By Yang Chengfu

  1. Lead an intangible and lively energy to the top of the head.
  2. Hold in the chest and pull up the back.
  3. Relax the waist.
  4. Separate empty and full.
  5. Sink the shoulders and droop the elbows.
  6. Use Intent Rather than Force.
  7. Synchronize Upper and Lower Body.
  8. Match Up Inner and Outer.
  9. Practice Continuously and Without Interruption.
  10. Seek Quiescence within Movement.


“The 10 principles are contained within the whole form. They should be observed very carefully, from the first movement until the last one”

Introduction to Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

By Yang Zhenduo

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is one style of Tai Chi Chuan. It comes from the era of Grandmaster Yang Luchan, his sons Yang Banhou and Yang Jianhou, and his grandsons Yang Shaohou and Yang Chengfu. These three generations yearned for the ideal of having Tai Chi Chuan serve mankind. Accompanying the needs of the developing society, they painstakingly researched and developed Yang Style from Chen Style. Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan maintains the aspects of attack and defense, keeping the martial arts essence.
The founders created a form that is slow and gentle, open and expanded, beautiful in appearance, with the strength manifested from within. It has the characteristics of being pure and new, unconventional and original. It has emerged in the arena of Chinese martial arts in order to improve health, cure illness, increase longevity, and mould character, making a brilliant contribution to mankind.
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is worked out very finely, reasonably arranged and tightly structured, comprehensive and complete with a certain scientificnes. It is the natural combination of a
martial art and a method for preserving health and curing illness. At the same time, it seamlessly coordinates difficult with ordinary, and gentle with tense movements. This appropriate combination allows the practitioner to feel comfortable, relaxed and happy from beginning to end, even when practicing the form several times in a row.
Its adaptability is great, being able to serve many different needs.
It provides many benefits from practice, satisfying the young and old practitioners and those seeking improved health or cure from disease. Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan adds to the splendor of the Chinese martial arts treasure.
The National Sports Ministry in 1956 used the Tai Chi Chuan postures of Yang Chengfu as the model when creating the 24-posture simplified form and the 88-posture form. From the very beginning of the forms development, they have been deeply welcomed by the people. These forms play an important role in the development of Tai Chi Chuan in China and abroad.
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan’s basic theory is the standard guiding its healthy development. The revered Yang Chengfu wrote “Tai Chi Chuan Ten Essentials” and “Talks on the Practice of Tai Chi Chuan” and now after the test of time they still are the criterion to follow for the healthy development of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.
Seeing Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan’s developmental trend gives pleasure and satisfaction. Now, the number of practitioners extends to the entire world, increasing in number daily. Tai Chi Chuan is even more widespread and popular, realizing the hope that Tai Chi Chuan contributes to the well-being of mankind.